Thursday, 3 October 2013


Today I have visited the local vet with one of our three lovely cats, Peridot.  He has an ongoing eye condtion that requires regular treatment so today he was due for a repeat injection.  Its been a little while since we were at the vets but I am always amazed at their kindness for the animals and their patience in dealing with all of us clients. 

I am sure it must be an extremely challenging profession to be in and at times I do wonder if they have to bite their tongues with some clients.  I have been with their practice now for about four years and I know I shall be a long standing client as I have no desire to go elsewhere.  I have all of my animals on a Pet Care Plan as this means we get regular vaccinations, flea and worm treatment and twice yearly health checks for a small monthly amount paid via direct debit.  Its well worth it because I am, like many of us, on a budget so it makes animal care more manageable.

Our chickens are looking very soggy today with all the rain that suddenly appeared from nowhere mid morning.  Its colder today too, I wish it would make up its mind, yesterday was very warm and today isn't.  Brrr, roast beef and all the trimmings for dinner, courtesy of Lidl who had some great offers on their beef joints today!!

When I was little my mum used to read to me from a story book, its very ancient now and lost its front cover so I couldn't even tell you what it was called but its still in my attic.  Now in this book was a story called Mr Flipperty Jib.  I loved this story and heard it so many times I can still recall most of it by heart, my kids think Im mad when I told them this story but here is how it goes:

Mr Flipperty Jib had a rumble bumble bumble in his right ear and a bumble, rumble, bumble in his left ear.  He and his wife, Mrs Flipperty Jib spend winter in the city and summer in the countryside and Mr FJ has all sorts of problems with the noises in the city and when he gets to the country it isn't any better because of crowing cockerels and mooing cows, but Mrs FJ has a solution for all of this, she tells him that if he ate his roast beef and wore his mittens he wouldn't get these noises in his ears, for a while Mr FJ wont listen but eventually realises that his wife is making good sense and proceeds to eat his roast beef and wear his lovely red mittens knitted for him by Mrs FJ.  And so, of course, the noises in his ears disappear. 

Im not sure what the children of today would make of this story but I loved it!!  Maybe that says a lot about me, I will leave you to ponder on that one!

I am sure you will recall the other day that I was rather annoyed at having been "scammed" over a craft fair I had signed up for, well my patience has paid off because two days ago I received a full refund for the money I had paid out.  No accompanying note but a full refund nonetheless.  I was very surprised but saddened to learn that out of the many people in the same position only two of us have actually had our money back.  The reasons behind this remain a mystery known only to the organiser of the doomed event.

So it pays to have patience I suppose which is something that seems to be sorely lacking in a lot of people, many cannot wait, at the supermarket the checkout operators nervously apologise for "keeping you waiting" when sometimes I have only been stood there for five  minutes!  What kind of people have they experienced that cant wait that long without losing their temper.   Cars impatiently beep their horns at other drivers who are a little slower to respond than some.  And time, its all about time and yet modern technology means surely, that we have more time on our hands as all our chores are done by machines, computers and phones.  However, it doesn't seem to be enough. 

I think the old saying of "Patience is a Virtue" is something that we all need to apply to our daily lives, take a deep breath and think of the other person, its something I do need to do more often.

Have a good afternoon everyone, until next time...


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