Monday, 30 September 2013

Am I getting Old? Or Am I Just an Idiot Magnet?

I ask this question because I feel that either I must be getting old or more intolerant of those around me or perhaps it is that the attitude of people is changing and not for the better either.

I particularly notice this when I am driving my car and taking my children to school.  Now I am, I hope, a considerate driver who tries to give way and make allowances to keep the traffic moving along the road, someone who doesn't drive very fast especially with lots of children walking along the pavements as children are unpredictable and will suddenly step into the road without looking, Ive seen it all too often.  However, is there any excuse for adults who suddenly take it into their heads to walk straight in front of your car without any warning.  Ive had this happen on an increasingly frequent basis lately.  A couple of weeks ago I drove across a mini roundabout and just reached the exit road and an elderly man was just there walking across the road, a moment earlier he had been on the pavement, he didn't look at all just stepped out.  Dear readers, two yards away was a zebra crossing!!  I, luckily was only doing about 15 miles an hour and managed to brake and thankfully nothing was coming behind me so I didn't receive a prang in the rear but what if there was, my car could have been a write off, my children injured and myself and all for the moment that it would have taken this guy to stop and think. 

I did, to my shame, yell out of the window at him that he could have used the crossing but there was no reaction at all.  Deaf probably! 

I have had mothers march onto zebra crossings in front of me dragging their children with no warning, no stopping to look.  The children have it drummed into them at school about road safety but what happens when they grow up, do they suddenly forget those lessons, well I didn't!  And Im sure Im not the only one who hasn't forgotten.  I strongly believe that all pavements should have railings fitted along the side of them to prevent people crossing at any but the designated places. 

This morning I came around a bend in the road and there was a man, in his mid twenties I would imagine, calmly sauntering across the road, again not even looking to see if traffic was coming, again only a couple of yards from the zebra crossing.

Is it something in the sea air?  Does it effect some people more than others?

Again I find it when the holidaymakers arrive in the summer, they seem to leave their brains at home.
One Saturday morning I was driving along the main road into town, there was a large van parked on the side of the road that I was heading along so as there was also a lot of traffic coming the other way we had to give way.  I got to the van was just going to head around it when a car started coming the other way so of course I had to stop, only to see the car behind me had tried to overtake me whilst I was trying to overtake the van!!!  He then had to reverse back behind me and had the cheek to wave his arms at me and yelling for me to get out of his way.  I pretended I couldn't see him but had a good laugh watching him trying to squeeze his car back into the little space he had left.  Needless to say he didn't try it again.

Ive had drivers reverse onto the pavement in town whilst trying to park their cars and nearly run my daughter over and when Ive complained one woman told me my daughter shouldn't have been on the pavement!!!!  Work that one out if you can.

And someone, please tell me why is there never a police car in the vicinity when these things take place, do these people go on getting away with it time and time again?

I do feel that in general the attitude of many people is becoming more selfish, everyone seems to be in such a hurry, to be constantly staring at their mobile phone, not to be aware of what is happening around them. 

I refuse to become like that, I shall continue to drive my way, to give way, to not be in a rush and to help people whenever I can, and I suppose no matter what I do I am always going to be that great big IDIOT MAGNET!!!!

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