Sunday, 22 September 2013

There's no rest for the Wicked!!

Yesterday we moved my mum into her new bungalow, well new to her anyhow.  Its a lovely spot where mum has gone to, a lovely small community of 12 bungalows for the elderly, all joined together and with manageable gardens and great security.  I feel happy that she is settled there and when I rang her this morning to see if she had slept well as its always difficult in a new environment, she said she felt as though she had lived there for years, very settled and relaxed.  We are going shopping on Wednesday for new curtains as hers don't fit the windows very well. 

We arrived there at 8.30 a.m. and the removal guys came not long after, it took 3 trips with their little van to get everything down to the bungalow but all was done by 1.15 and after a fish and chip lunch we decided to sort out all the bags and boxes and unpack and put everything away.  By 4.30 we were done, albeit not in the order that mum would like but it was all put away.  Today, I think she has spent the day sorting out her kitchen cupboards to put everything in the order that she likes.  There is an amazing lot of storage there, a very large walk in store cupboard, an airing cupboard and a large shelved cupboard in the hall. 

So today I have been catching up on my household chores, trying not to notice the stiff joints and aching muscles after so much carrying and lifting yesterday, and the ironing is done, beds changed, and we had a trip out to Weston super Mare to do a little shopping too.

Tomorrow I am going to do the fortnightly food shop.  In a quest to save money I have taken to doing my shopping in Lidl, its really reasonable and very good quality food, we eat much better than if we bought Tesco or Asda's value brands.  I am also ordering the new spinning wheel tomorrow and looking forward to its delivery on Tuesday.

I have listed lots of old knitting pattern magazines and books on ebay this afternoon in a bid to clear some space in my poor bookcase.  It has been groaning at the seams with my collection and I don't use all of them to be honest so time for some to go.

Off to put my feet up now with the antiques roadshow so I hope you all have a pleasant evening.

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