Monday, 9 September 2013


Good afternoon.  Well its been a weird couple of days really.  The weekend just flew by and I couldn't believe how busy Ive been.  Lots of catching up on chores, the house really still looks like we've had an explosion but work comes first so it will have to wait till later.

This morning I went to do the food shop, decided to try and save some money so I went to Lidl today and yes came out feeling rather pleased that I hadn't spent as much as I would of done in the local Tesco's but still with the necessary tonnage to fill up No 3 and No 4 daughters.  Despite having a cooked lunch at school each day they are still coming home, and I love this advert, "Hank Marvin" (starving).  If No 3 continues to grow the way she is Im going to have to get an extension built onto her mattress, her poor toes are sticking out from under the duvet as it is, can you get extra long duvets?  Then I suppose you would need extra long bedding too.  For now we are tucking a blanket around the mattress at the end of her bed to keep her toes from getting cold in the night.

So whilst shopping I treated myself to a jar of cockles.  I remember having these when on holiday as a child and still love eating them now.  My two girls really cant understand how I could eat them but I do enjoy them very much and I think shellfish is very good for you.  So cockle sandwich eaten and on with the blog.

I received an email this morning and decided to share this with everyone because it really worried me how clever it was.  I have a contact who helps to organise local craft fairs and is part of our local town's "Team" who do some amazing work on behalf of our town as volunteers, a really lovely person.  The email came with her email address, name, address and phone number.  It stated that she was on holiday in the Phillipenes and had had all her passport and everything stolen.  Then it went onto say that she couldn't leave the country, despite being issued with a temporary passport as she couldn't access her money for several days and had to settle her hotel bills and catch a flight so could I help her with a loan and could I email her as it wasn't possible to contact her by phone.

Me, being me was immediately suspicious and decided to telephone her home phone number whereon I discovered that she is not on holiday abroad but well and truly at home.  The lady in question informed me that she had now sorted this problem but that people were still receiving the email.  I was very pleased that she wasn't in trouble but it was very worrying that so much personal information was in the email.  How do people manage to extract this information despite us having virus control programmes, internet protection etc.  The email was very well written too in perfect English, nothing that would suggest that someone to whom English was a second language could have written it.  I can well see though how someone less on the ball might easily fall for such a con.  There are some very wicked people out there.

And finally as winter approaches I am beginning to believe my boiler has a mind of its own.  We have an instantaneous (think that's the right term), gas boiler that heats our hot water when you turn on the tap and does our heating too.  A good, solid old Worcester Bosch that never fails, except for this time of year when it has a funny five minutes.  Last July the same occurred as happened last evening.  I turned on the tap and although the boiler kicks into life it soon cuts out again and no hot water.  So out comes the instruction manual, trouble shooting page, reset button, flashing red lights, no hot water.  Man is phoned, promises to ring me back today to make appointment.  Half an hour later boiler is working again!!  I have noticed however that the gas supply light was not working at the time of the problem but then comes back on again.  We have no pilot light here so still unsure as to why this occurs, only thing I can think of is that the gas supply is temporarily interrupted (and yes I have paid the bill)!  So man cancelled, boiler working and all well with the world.

Right, off to do some proper work in the jewellery department now.  Have a good day all.

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