Tuesday, 10 September 2013

My New Toy and Other Things

Today I took delivery of a new toy.  A steel bracelet mandrel.  For those of you who don't know a mandrel is a form or shape around which metal or wire is fashioned.  In this instance I can shape very thick wire into a bangle and use my chasing hammer or nylon hammer to harden the wire and form the shape and size of the bangle.  I spent a happy couple of hours playing this afternoon.

I also, hurray, hurray, finished my submission for the Art Jewelry Magazine design challenge.  I have photographed and submitted my pictures to the editor but am bound by the rules of the design challenge not to publish any pictures on my blog or page until after 11th October this year soooooooo you will have to wait until then.

Aside from that I have been dealing with tired daughters, one is finding her new school regime a bit taxing especially with all the walking around from class to class and the more difficult lessons and the other one is feeling a bit stressed about her coursework.  I wish it was possible for them to get more sleep in the mornings but we have to be up at about 6.45.  With three of us needing the bathroom in the morning and my bathroom being the size of cupboard its not an easy routine. 

The mad dogs and I went for a charge up the beach.  Mad Dog No 2 is still limping somewhat after straining his tendon again a couple of weeks ago but is improving.  I think his was more of a plod rather than a charge this morning, but it was so lovely down there, the holiday makers have all gone home and the beach is ours again! 

Right, off to bed, Im tired tonight and its going to be an early one and by the way my bottom molar is feeling I think Im going to have to call the dentist tomorrow, I think I need a filling!!!!

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