Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Designs and Disappointment

As you may have seen from my Pure Inspiration page today, I have been chosen as one of five people worldwide to produce an item of jewellery using Quilling paper (the little narrow strips that are wound into spirals and circles to produce patterns and now jewellery), as part of Art Jewelry Magazine's challenge to produce jewellery from alternative materials.  I subscribe to the magazine, courtesy of my eldest daughter's generous birthday present, and was sent an email asking anyone to enter and I was chosen at random but wow, how lucky.  I am required to photograph my piece of finished jewellery and submit my photographs by 7th October.  The pictures will then be published along with the other four lucky applicants in the November issue of Art Jewelry. 

I am very nervous about this as I have never worked with this medium before and firstly had to watch some U tube videos to show me how to work the paper strips.  Now I have discovered I don't have any PVA glue in the house so its off to the shops tomorrow!  The glue is used to hold the spirals together.  I have to say also that the shapes that the paper makes has inspired me to design some new wirework pieces. 

Obviously I wont be able to put any pictures of the finished item up on my Facebook page until the magazine is published but once it is I will share them with you all.

The disappointment today came about because as you will recall I said yesterday that we wanted to move house and be closer to the girls' school, in order to do this I had to contact the mortgage company to request that I "Port" the mortgage, in other words, take it with me.  However due to the recent bank troubles they have tightened up their criteria that one needs to meet in order to do this and sadly I do not meet their criteria nor am I likely to.  As I pointed out to the underwriter, one obviously needs to prove one doesn't need a mortgage in order to get one!

So we wont be moving house and to be honest I don't know if Im disappointed or relieved.  Relieved that I don't have to dismantle my home and workroom and pack everything up and then set it all up again or disappointed that I don't have a choice.  Its nice to have a choice over things but the current financial situation in this country is making life very hard for lots of us.  I am at this moment in time counting my blessings for what I already have and hoping that in the future things may change.

Have a good evening everyone.

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