Tuesday, 24 September 2013

One Happy Bunny

I am, the one who is a very happy bunny!  My new spinning wheel arrived this afternoon and after a few sweaty hand moments putting it together we were off.  I always worry Im going to break something vital when I have to "do it myself" on furniture and other things.  Im sure Im not alone in this fear.  Its great that everything can arrive flat pack these days because of course its a cheaper way of doing everything and means its more accessible to the world.  Perhaps I should start putting together "do it yourself" jewellery kits?  What do you think?  Just add tools!

Here are a couple of pics of the new wheel...

And that's me, for those of you who don't know what I look like.
On the jewellery front I am looking forward to designing some new pieces over the next few months, sheet copper is on the menu, some new files and a larger vice I think to hold the bracelet mandrel.  I also need to invest in a neck mandrel to fashion some necklaces out of sheet copper.  So lots of ideas, exciting times. 
Have a great rest of the evening.

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