Friday, 20 September 2013

Moving Mother and The Excitement Mounts

Well its been a few days since my last post and I apologise to you all for not having kept up a daily blog for the last week but its been hectic here.  Tomorrow my elderly mum is moving into a small bungalow.  For the last 35 years she has lived in a 3 bed semi with a very large garden and as she will be 80 next year its all got a bit much since dad passed away 3 years ago.  This new bungalow is on the same estate that she lives on now and is a small complex specifically for older people.  Mum already knows many of the people who live there and its only a couple of roads away from her current house so will be perfect.  It has a much smaller garden but still enough for mum to enjoy growing her flowers and summer veg.  Its within walking distance of the local shop and post office and not far from the bus stop, so all in all just perfect.  I know she is feeling a little wobbly about moving but I know once she is settled in that all will be well. 

I have been busy helping her out yesterday and catching up with my own chores today so I wont be behind when we get back tomorrow as I know its going to be a busy day and I don't want to leave mum until I know she is settled and all unpacked, bed made up etc. 

And, on Tuesday I shall be taking delivery of my lovely new spinning wheel.  After much research I have decided on the Kromski Prelude which is a really good wheel and just perfect for my needs.  I have spent the afternoon carding some gorgeous Gotland fibre
so there wont be much jewellery making happening on Tuesday!!
Once next week is out of the way and I have settled down to my new wheel and taken mum shopping for new curtains etc, I shall be back in the workroom to finish off my latest piece which is a one off piece using beautiful Agate stones.
I will post some pictures on my Facebook page when its done.
Have a good evening everyone.

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