Sunday, 15 September 2013


The title says it all really, but said with tongue in cheek, I just cant believe the girls are heading into their third week back at school already.  The days just seem to fly by so quickly, I know I am busy.  I have a craft fair booked for 2nd November next and I do need to stock up on my jewellery pieces as the last fair did clean me out a bit.  Things are selling well at the two retail outlets I have so I am getting low on stocks.  The knitting and weaving part of my business is doing well too with customer orders for the fingerless gloves.  So my days are taken up.

This morning after finishing the European ironing mountain, I decided to go and tackle the ever flourishing jungle that is my garden.  I can only dig for about an hour at a time as I have some osteoarthritis in my spine and after that time it is too painful to continue.  I managed to clear half of one bed and put in some pinks and orange lilies and took the clippers to the long rush grass that insists on growing around the garden. 

I have a pile and a half of waste to take to the tip again but as our glorious council has closed our recycling centre for some of the week that will have to wait until Thursday. 

I have just finished weaving an alpaca scarf which is now on my Wits End page, here is a picture of it, Im rather pleased with its softness and handle.
And now, its off to cook dinner for two poor starving children who of course haven't had much to eat today, :)
Have a good evening everyone

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