Friday, 13 September 2013


Well last evening my dear gas boiler decided it was going to go on the blink again.  Once again I had no hot water, I rang my gas supplier as my meter was not working either and ended up being told to ring the emergency gas line, I just wanted to know if there was a fault with the gas supply in the area and ended up with someone reading a list of computerised questions about my meter and was it because I hadn't paid the bill!!! Flippin Cheek!  Eventually he agreed that someone would come out and check the gas supply from the road to the house.  After about an hour out came a little man with tools and proceeded to dismantle the gas meter, no everything was fine, into the house looked at the boiler, nope it was definitely the boiler and the pressure was a little low, well we knew that otherwise we would have gas wouldn't we and then turned into a complete drama queen and announced that he had completely turned off the gas at the meter and the boiler because it wasn't safe to use in case we exploded.........................................  Yes, Ill leave that thought with you all, bear in mind at no time had gas been smelled around the meter or the boiler.  Talk about over reacting. 

Then I rang my boiler repair man who laughed when I told him what had happened, he said it was safe to turn the gas on again and try to see if the boiler would start up again, which of course, this morning, it did.  I am not sure if my repair man is going to be able to come out today to look at it and not sure if he will come out tomorrow.  So luckily we all had hot showers this morning and I got the washing up done.  Strange it always seems to happen at about the same time of an evening.  Hmmmmm.  Now I cant decide whether to get the man out just to check everything is okay or whether to leave it and see what happens. 

Well if the boiler needs repairing that will be my spinning wheel fund gone, I am trying to save up for one, perhaps I should frisk the dog again.  I think you may recall a little while ago that I mentioned that once a coin had come out of our dogs coat.  You see, Mad dog No 2 is a border collie with a very thick, very curly kind of coat that needs shearing regularly.  We gave him a bath one summers day a couple of years ago and out of his coat fell this little coin about the size of a 5p.  Under examination it turned out to be an American cent which was minted just after the Civil War in America, it was in really good condition too so we checked on the internet and found it was collectable and put it up for sale on ebay, netting $75 for it, about £45 at the time.  We were well pleased with that.  Now we have a standing joke about frisking the dog when we are short of cash.  He had been in the sea that morning on the beach, so we can only assume it got washed into his coat. 

More recently I had fun when I sneezed and my nose stud shot out and landed in his coat, that took some finding, he did not look amused either.

So this morning I have been plying up two small balls of Shetland yarn spun on my drop spindle and have now got a completed ball of yarn to use for knitting or weaving

This is a Turkish spindle and as you spin you wind the yarn over and under the arms.  When the spindle is full the shaft slides out, the arms pull apart and you have a complete ball of yarn.  Clever.
I also have a Golding ring spindle that I use a lot, head on over to to see what I mean.  I will point out that I bought mine some years ago when prices were a lot lower and it is gorgeous and has worn so well as its had a lot of use. 
Sadly once one becomes addicted to fibre there is little you can do about it, you just have to feed that addiction regularly.
Have a good day all and hope its not raining too much where you are.

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