Monday, 26 August 2013


Here I sit, grinding my teeth in frustration at this silly website and yes Mr Blogger I hope you are reading this as you have completely deleted my "talesfromtheworkroom" blog and reinstated the old Pure Inspiration fibre blog, GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Why?  Everything was working fine until today, all I did was sign in and away we went but Oh No, not today, today you decide I don't flippin exist!!!  WELL I DO and Ive now had to start a new blog.  I AM NOT IMPRESSED and if you do it again I AM LEAVING YOUR SITE.

There hopefully that should get the point across, oh I hate computers sometimes.  I am sure my life used to be a lot simpler without internet and mobile phones and all that texting and messaging and facebooking!  My friends used to just ring me up for a chat, now all we seem to do is text.  I know, I know, its the way the world is going and its essential for my business etc, but I think Im turning into a grumpy old woman.  I just want to be able sometimes to switch everything off and have a day without a screen.

I often threaten my family that when they have all grown up and left home Im moving to the isles of Shetland, one of the more remote islands which is only accessible six months of the year due to the weather and high seas, in a one bedroom cottage with a large freezer, a sturdy old landrover, a dog and my spinning wheel (when I get one) and a winter's supply of fleece.  There I shall be happy, no phone, no internet, just letter writing.  And no visitors.  But that would be wrong of me wouldn't it?, Wouldn't it?  Oh but sometimes I am so tempted.

Anyhow, down to the business of the day, this morning we drove over to the equestrian centre where No 2 daughter works to watch my little grand daughter take part in a fancy dress rider and pony class at one of their bank holiday horse shows.  It was great fun, lovely weather, the bacon butties were yummy, oh and of course my grandchildren were as adorable as ever.  Here are a few pictures of Pirate Matilda on Basil the pony and I will point out that whilst the pony is wearing an eye patch, he is actually blind in that eye so it didn't affect his vision at all.  Matilda and Basil one first prize and she was a very happy little girl with everyone cheering her on.

So one very proud Nana, and one very happy little girl with her large red rosette and a little toy pony as her prize.  And of course her mummy and daddy were also amazingly proud of her.

Lets hope this works okay now on my Pure Inspiration page and I apologise profusely to all my readers for the confusion and the change of blog.

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