Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Phew what a day!  This morning we set off to pick up our ordered school uniform from the local secondary school.  When we arrived the lady behind the counter suggested that my daughters try on the jumpers.  I had ordered large, well, we could have gotten both of them in one jumper!  So its turned out that they have small instead as even the medium size was hanging off them.  Shirts and jumpers acquired we then put some petrol in the car and headed off to collect a small rigid heddle loom that I purchased on ebay a few days ago.  I had put the postcode into Google maps and followed the directions, sadly not all the roads seem to have signs and I ended up getting very confused but we stopped and asked a very kind lady who said we were on the right road and it was just the next turning up the road. 

Loom collected we then drove into the next town intending to go onto the motorway and drive to a large Asda to get some new school trousers and trainers for No 3 daughter.  By this time both younger people in the car had rumblings in their stomachs so we de-camped to MacDonalds for lunch and then realised there was a smaller Asda nearby.  Two pairs of trousers were found, but no trainers were on sale in the store at all.  So we went to a nearby Matalan, no they didn't sell trainers in the store only online, no good to us.  Back to our home town, in the Asda there, no trainers, back into the local town and to Clarks shoe shop and hurray one pair of trainers. 

Finally we came back home, phew.  The loom is now warped up and I am making a scarf in Alpaca to sell on my other page Wits End Fibres.  I am a happy bunny to be weaving again as I find it very relaxing. 


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