Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Tomorrow I shall be taking two reluctant children to pick up their new school uniform and to then go and buy some new trousers.  I think its going to be difficult to get back into the routine of getting up early and getting organised.  Im not sure I remember when we have had a summer holiday when we have all been so relaxed.  Why this is I cant say, it just seems to have been that way this year.  Going back to getting up at 6.30 a.m. is going to shock my system, never mind people who haven't been getting out of bed until at least 10 a.m.!  Still its been lovely having the girls at home for this long and spending time together, I have really enjoyed it, precious days.

I suspect I may be persuaded to purchase new stationery as well, although judging by the amount that is currently sitting upstairs in the "art cart" I really don't think its needed but of course there is nothing like having new things to go back to school with.

Today has been fairly busy, I managed to finish a copper and silver bangle which is now on my facebook page and I have started working on a similar necklace.  New wire will soon need to be ordered as I am fast running out of my thicker copper wire.  This is going to have to be ordered on the internet as my local shop doesn't stock pure copper wire. 

I also need to invest in some new tools, I want to add a bracelet mandrel to my collection of tools, these vary greatly in price and quality but I cant go on using my old china pot as it isn't going to stand up to being bashed with the hammer much longer!!  I think Im going to have to bite the bullet and just go for a metal one.  I have just managed to purchase a little vice to go on my worktable for wire twisting and despite seeing expensive ones on the internet I managed to obtain a wee little red one at my local hardware shop for £2.60!  I thought that was a bargain.  It is sturdy enough, sadly though they don't sell mandrels!

This evening will be taken up with a little networking and finishing off some knitted gloves for my other facebook page. 

Have a good evening everyone.


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